Adjust your business

through mobile applications
Tourism, mobile e-commerce,
learning, end to end service...
Native apps, Cross Platforms Native, Wireframes,
Design, Development, Implementation…
Complete mobile apps solutions
Use optimal set of data
Relive your servers
For Android or for IOS,
our apps meet user’s expectations
Ground up customization

We Build Native Mobile Apps

Our mobile business solutions include mobile native apps for iOS, Android and cross platform. They are characterised by usability, speed, appearance and readable codes. With right design and optimization we can provide good user experience (UX ) which represents the best value for our customers.

Fully transparent process

We like to include our customers in whole process, from its begging. You may have access to our project management tools – creating builds on a sprint bases. By following statuses of small tasks (to do/in progress/done) you can be able to gain a sense in which direction your project progress.

Each pixel in its place

Your app might look whatever you want it to, with your or with our ideas. We can create full wireframes app on which bases all design process are going to develops lately. When designing, we are fully focused on latest design guidelines, which we use to make modern, nice looking and user friendly interface.

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In our work we are using whole series of programming languages:

-Java for Android

– Objective C for iOS

– C++ for cross platform libraries

Consuming web services in JSON/REST format. Programming is organized by Agile Scrum Methodology

Whole process of app creation is fully transparent and you can monitor your project from its beginning trough development builds.

All builds are created on sprint bases and organized on scrum board. You have access to them and you’re able to track statuses: to find out which task is IN PROGRESS, which has already been DONE and which one is next (TO DO).

When some sprint is DONE, our Quality Assurance team (QA ) tests its functionality and you can try it on by yourself, just to be sure that project is going in the right direction.

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